Sunday, December 25, 2011

AD #8 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Today was a little bit of a wacky adventure today.  We were planning on taking the pups to El Dorado Park.  It's a huge park by our house with paths for walking and looking at all the beautiful nature.  Well, we found out they were closed last night (guess we should have checked sooner).  So our new plan was to grab breakfast somewhere fun, then take the dogs on a long walk along the beach. When we got up this morning, Alex let the dogs out of their kennel and come sleep with us for a bit.  One of our dogs jumped up on the bed and started to squeal.  We got up and she wouldn't put any pressure on her leg.  We waited about an hour and she still was not putting her leg down.  So off to the emergency vet hospital we went.  We were there for an hour or so, and she seemed to be doing much better.  The doctor thinks her knee cap may have went out of place and popped back in.  We got her some medicine for the next few days and that was it.  I'm so happy it was nothing more serious than that.

So we decided to have Roscoes Chicken and Waffles for breakfast/lunch (a famous spot here in California.  I have always wanted to eat there.  They serve waffles with fried chicken.  I know, wierd combination, but it was delicious!  We got take out and came back to our house to eat it.  We ate in our beautiful backyard and enjoyed the 70 degree weather.  Gotta love Southern California.  For the rest of our day, we are going to hang out and then go to our families' houses for dinner.  We also have to stop by the cemetery to visit Alex's dad and wish him a Merry Christmas. <3  The highlight of the day so far..we finally beat the new Super Mario Brothers on Wii (we are such dorks)!

The day didn't go as planned, but it was still a wonderful day filled with all the things I love and some adventure as well!

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