Friday, December 30, 2011

12 Goals for 2012

I'm not one to make resolutions, but I thought it would be fun to set some goals for 2012.

1.  Continue with my adventure days (try to do one a week, if not, every other week)
2.  Try my best to get pregnant (though I know this is not all in my control)
3.  Lose weight
4.  Exercise more (30+ minutes a day)
5.  Accept people for what/who they are (realize they aren't going to change)
6.  Focus on enjoying life to the fullest
7.  Take some fun trips (there are a couple in the making)
8.  Continue to grow as a teacher and try new things in my classroom
9.  Be the best wife I can be
10.  Try to manage my time better at school so I don't live there (I've been doing better with this)
11.  Stick with my book club and read one book a month
12.  Complete a couple of our house projects (one being putting up new gates)

I'm so happy to say goodbye to 2011 (though there were some great times) and can't wait for the new year!

**11 Highlights/Accomplishments from 2011**
1.  I had the greatest class I've ever had.  They were so awesome!
2.  I went to Germany for a week and got to meet many of my relatives.
3.  I went to Las Vegas, Palm Desert, Washington DC and Oregon.
4.  I was pregnant, for three months.  The best time of my life.
5.  I started adventure days and have done some really fun things.
6.  I have realized how precious life really is.
7.  I have realized how strong I am.
8.  I have found a wonderful message board that I love.
9.  I successfully ran and taught summer school.
10.  I successfully took over doing supplies at school.
11.  I chopped off my hair (see post below).
**Cheers to a New Year**

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