Sunday, December 11, 2011

AD #6 - Balboa Island

Who wouldn't love going on a little ferry to an island?  Well, that's what we did today.  Balboa Island is in Newport Beach, which is about 30 minutes away from our house.   I loved walking around and looking at all the little shops.  There are beautiful homes here too, some decorated for Christmas.  Overall, it was a very simple and relaxing afternoon.  Just what I needed!  I feel pictures tell so much more of a story than actually writing it.
 Ferry to Balboa Island
 It only fits three cars
 Ferry ride lasts about five minutes
 Downtown shopping area (we bought some cute stuff!)
 So cute
 We stopped for some yummy candy.  I had sour straws and ate too many.  Which led to a stomachache. I haven't had that in forever, but it was worth it.
 There is something so wrong about this, but I remember having these as a kid!

 Loved how cute this house was decorated.
 They have their own private pier, also decorated.
 Private piers
Balboa Harbor

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