Sunday, October 28, 2012

*39-41 Week Updates*

 I can't believe this will be my last update!  I've been spending the last few weeks doing the same sort of things.   One of my favorite moments each day is walking my dogs.  I go an extra street each day and we are now walking about 30 minutes each morning.  I've continued spending my afternoons with my nephew and swimming with him.  I am still doing yoga once a week and meet with my therapist.  We got a cradle from one of my students.  It's really nice and I hope the baby will like sleeping in there.  We have a couple other options just in case.

At my last doctor's appointment I found out I'm 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced.  My cervix is not favorable for induction at this point, but he will not let me go past November 2nd (when I'll be 42 weeks).  It's been very overwhelming to know that this little guy will be here in the next week.  We have spent our last weekend trying to get everything ready and trying to spend some time with each other.

Check In:

How far along are you? 39-41 weeks

Fruit of the week? Watermelon & Jackfruit (There is no new fruit for 41 weeks)

How are you feeling this week?  I've been feeling pretty good physically over the last few weeks.  I'm glad I've been staying very active.  We have been able to get out some nights and enjoy ourselves.  Sleeping is hard because I have a hard time getting (and staying) comfortable.

Favorite moment this week?  My favorite moment of the last few weeks is just feeling Oliver move.  He's still very active.  Sometimes it hurts but I know he's really running out of room in there!  I've also been reading him a story every night and have been enjoying that a lot.  I'm glad I made it into a routine.

Any new developments?  I have started to get NST's this week along with BPP ultrasounds.  The doctor will not let him go past next Friday.  I still can't believe I will be meeting Oliver in less than a week.

39 Weeks

 40 Weeks
41 Weeks


Sunday, October 7, 2012

*34-38 Week Updates*

It's been a long and busy last few weeks.  I went on maternity leave at 36 weeks and have been spending a lot of time with my nephew.  I pick him up every afternoon and we have our little routine.  We go swimming every day for about an hour.  It's great!  I have also been doing yoga once a week and meeting with a therapist as well.  If there is time in the morning, I take the pups for a walk.  It's nice not to have to stress about sleep and get up in the morning for work.  It does feel weird to be out of work and I miss my kids, but it was definitely time to take my leave and get some rest.  School was really stressful and it was hard being on my feet all day.  Our weekends have been busy, getting ready for Oliver and doing things with each other.  We finished the nursery today and also had another 4D ultrasound.  We have been doing trivia night at a local bar once a week too.  Both times we have played, we have gotten prizes for being in the top 5. :]  I have finally packed my hospital bag and am trying to do some reading so I can better prepare myself for him.

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How far along are you? 34-38 weeks, currently 38 weeks

Fruit of the week? Squash, coconut, honeydew, winter melon, & pumpkin

How are you feeling this week?  I've been feeling pretty good the last few weeks.  I have been sleeping better and enjoy staying in bed a couple extra hours each morning.  I'm still feeling nervous and anxious, but am working on it every day.  I have enjoyed spending time with Alex and my family.  My feet swell a little bit at the end of the day and it can be uncomfortable sleeping at night sometimes.  But I'm still swimming and walking every day.  I really enjoy staying active.

Favorite moment this week?  I have had a few really great moments.  Oliver is still really active.  Though he hurts me sometimes, I enjoy wondering what part of him I'm watching.  It's crazy how close he is to my skin and I can feel him.  I enjoyed seeing him again in 4D.  Every time Alex talked to him, he smiled.  We also put on Kaskade and he started moving around.  We have been working on his nursery and finally finished it today.  That was huge for us.  We have been working on the room for months.

Any new developments?  Oliver is apparently a big boy.  At the ultrasound today, he was estimated at 7lb 7oz.  He had huge, chubby cheeks and a roll under his neck!  He was absolutely adorable.  He is head down, though not engaged.  So I have no clue how delivery is going to go.  Since he's not breech as of now, we are not planning a c-section.  Doctor said we will take it week by week.  

 34 weeks
 34 weeks - Alex's neighbor made Oliver a sweater, booties, and a blanket!
 35 weeks
 35 weeks
 36 weeks
 37 weeks
 38 weeks
 Our chubby angel
 His thinking pose
 Trivia winners!
 Oktoberfest at 37 weeks
Double date night with my friend Lauren at Downtown Disney

Monday, September 3, 2012

*29 - 33 Week Updates*

I can't believe how long since it's been since I've updated.  It's been a really busy last month.  I've been working on the baby's room and getting my classroom ready, which has taken up a lot of time.  I've been struggling with some anxiety and trouble sleeping.  It really started after having to go to L&D for a really strange shake/shiver Oliver did.  I felt him some after, but not much in the morning.  It was such a scary experience, but I'm glad I went in and got him checked.  We also found out that Oliver is breech and the shock of having to get a C-section was a lot for me.  I know that a safe and healthy baby is the most important thing, and I can't wait to meet this little angel.  I'm so blessed to have such a loving and supportive family.  There were a lot of wonderful moments over these past few weeks as well!

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How far along are you? 29 - 33 weeks, currently 33 weeks

Fruit of the week? Acorn squash, cucumber, pineapple, squash, & durian fruit

How are you feeling this week?  Definitely a lot of different feelings over the past month.  The biggest feeling over the past week is fatigue, due to lack of sleep and starting school.  Having the anxiety over lots of things that have happened over the past month and the future.  All I can do is take things day by day and remind myself how blessed I am to be having a little life growing inside of me.  I'm feeling pretty good physically and Oliver is doing well.

Favorite moment this week?  I've had a few favorite moments.  I had a wonderful baby shower.  I got a 3D ultrasound and it was the most beautiful moment of my life.  Getting to see my beautiful son like that was so neat.  I have been experiencing hiccups which are always interesting.  I'm feeling stronger pushes and rolls.  I've gone swimming a few times and love feeling baby when I'm in the water.  I love seeing how excited Alex is about the baby.  I have really enjoyed putting the baby room together with him and see it come together.  He's going to be such a great dad and I'm so grateful to have him in my life.  

Any new developments?  Well, Oliver is moving from transverse to frank breech.  Looks like he will be staying that way.  He is growing right on track and according to his head measurements, is a little ahead.  They are estimating him to be about 8 lbs.  He's incredibly beautiful and has lots of hair!!  I love feeling him move all the time.  It's so comforting.
 29 weeks
 30 Weeks - Baby Shower Edition
 31 Weeks
 32 Weeks
 32 Weeks - 4D Ultrasound
 33 Weeks
 Nursery is getting there!  All we have to do our decorations.

 Baby Oliver
 Here's our frank breech baby, toes and hands in his face
My beautiful baby boy
 My Baby Shower

Saturday, July 28, 2012

*27 & 28 Week Updates*

Great news, today I'm officially in my third trimester, I can't believe it.  The last few weeks have a been a little stressful.  The pups both got sick for a week, I'm getting my classroom ready, and trying to figure out what exactly to do about maternity leave.  There's just a lot going on!  I have really enjoyed working on his nursery and can't wait for it to be finished!

Check In:

How far along are you? 27 & 28 weeks

Fruit of the week? Rutabaga and Eggplant

How are you feeling this week?  I've been feeling a bit stressed the last couple weeks, along with some cramping and back pain.  Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good.

Favorite moment this week?  We got a lot done in the nursery, including putting together almost all the furniture.  We have the changing table left to do, but a piece came broken so that is on hold until the new piece comes in.  Alex's family bought us all the furniture, which was incredible.  Once the furniture is all done, we will be able to start decorating.  Another nice moment is I had my second dream about the baby.  All I can remember is Alex bringing him to me and I held him in my arms.  I can remember the warmth I felt from him.  I said, "Hi, I'm your mommy".  He smiled at me (I know newborns can't do this), but it was a beautiful dream.

Any new developments?  Still feeling baby moving and he still scares me when he has slow days or isn't kicking as hard.  He seems to have a similar pattern of moving during the day.  He's active in the morning, slows down a bit in the afternoon/evening, and then picks back up again around 8.  I can often feel him moving around during my many wake ups during the night. I love feeling him move.  Alex got to feel him again a couple days ago when he was pushing really hard on my belly.

 27 Weeks
 28 weeks - Kaskade concert and 3rd trimester edition
 Kaskade concert at Staples Center
 Nursery Progress - Dresser, glider, and crib all ready to go

Laying on furniture boxes