Monday, December 19, 2011

AD #7 - Temcula

This wasn't really an adventure day, it was more like an adventure weekend.  We just got back from two nights in Temecula and we had a wonderful time.  Before we left Saturday, we went to Rosemary's funeral and burial, which was beautiful.  It was very important for me to be there.  When I went to pay my condolences to her husband, he told me how much she loved me.  I will cherish that moment forever.  We got seeds to plant in her remembrance.  I planted them today and can't wait to see them bloom.  Now I have flowers to remember her and my rose bush in remembrance of my little one.

We got into Temecula about 5pm.  We hung out in the room for a bit and then went to Old Town.  We had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Bailys.  They also have a winery, so I had a tiny sampling of wine before we ate.  Dinner was delicious.  We each got a four course meal for $60 altogether.  We walked around Old Town when we were finished.  It was decorated so nicely for Christmas.  This city has been around since 1882!
 Old Town Temecula

My sampling at dinner

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and I passed out.  It was a long day.

Sunday morning we went back to Old Town for a good ol' fashioned breakfast.  We ate at the Swing Inn Cafe.  This cafe has been here since 1927 and they still serve things from their original menu (though it's not the same price).  We had a good, hearty breakfast before our tour.  After breakfast, we went back to the hotel to wait for the Grapeline Shuttle to pick us up.  We booked a wine tasting tour for the day.  We have done it twice before and always have a great time!  We went to four different wineries and had so much fun.  Our shuttle was full and the people were so fun.  The tour guide was awesome and played great music.  At our first winery, we had a private tour and got to pick off grapes straight from the vines!  At the other wineries, we had time to relax and look at the beautiful views, while sipping great wine.  
 Riding on the shuttle
 Our private tasting at Leonesse (first stop)
 Beautiful view of Temecula
 Walking through the vineyards
 Stopping for a taste
 Private tasting room at Leonesse
 Lunch and tasting at Mount Palomar Winery
 Third tasting at Longshadow Ranch
My favorite port comes from Longshadow Ranch.  We got to have it in a chocolate boot.  It is my favorite thing to do when I'm in Temecula.  How cute is this decoration?  Our last stop was at Oak Mountain Winery, but I didn't get any pictures (too busy drinking).

After our last winery, we were on our way back to the hotel.  The tour guide was playing great old school rap and we were all singing and dancing.  Somehow in the middle of all that, we made plans to go out in Old Town with another couple staying at our hotel.  When we got back to our hotel, we were told the power was completely out.  We could stay or go down the street to another hotel.  It was crazy.  So we went upstairs in the total dark and realized we didn't have our room key.  My husband had to go back downstairs to get it.  I will include the picture I took as I was sitting there waiting (totally drunk by this point).  After we packed up all our stuff, we moved to the new hotel.  
 I will call this one "Drunk girl and a flashlight".
We met up with our new friends and went out to Old Town.  We had dinner and some drinks back at Bailys, we were at the downstairs restaurant this time.  The food there was outstanding as well!  After that, we walked around trying to find another bar, but nothing was open.  We took a cab (we made friends with the cab driver, so we called him again) to the Tilted Kilt and ended up playing shuffle board and drinking there for a few hours.  The other couple was super nice!  After that, we decided to walk back to our hotel, which took about 30 minutes and included walking over a freeway.  It was quite the adventure.  I passed out as soon as we got back to the hotel.  I couldn't believe I made it.  We drank from 12 noon until 10pm, non stop.  I'm proud of myself, haha.  

Pretty lights in Old Town
We left early this morning to make sure we got back in time to pick up the pups before 12 (or else the daycare charges you for the day).  I'm so happy to be home with my babies.  I'm going to spend the rest of the day lounging and recovering!!  We had so much fun and made two new friends.  We needed this for sure.  I can't forget the two yummy bottles of wine we brought home too.

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