Sunday, December 4, 2011

AD #5 - The Pueblo & Griffith Park

Today we continued our journey through the history of California.  We started off my going to the El Pueblo de Los Angeles.  It was founded in 1781 as a settlement.  People came and began building houses around the plaza.  The main street is called Olvera Street and is part of the pueblo.  There are a bunch of cute shops and restaurants.  Surrounding this street are old homes, a firehouse, church, and other old buildings.  Here are some pictures of our adventure at the oldest place in Los Angeles!
 DH and I both threw a penny in this wishing well.  I don't think I need to tell you what I wished for and I'm sure DH wished for the same thing.
 Avila Adobe - Built in 1818 - It is the oldest house in Los Angeles
 Inside the house - Kitchen
 Main plaza at the pueblo
 Built by the last Mexican governor, the first 3 story building in Los Angeles
 The Old Plaza Firehouse - last used in 1897 - was all run by volunteers
 Old Plaza Church - Built in 1822
 Union Station (where we took the train to San Juan Capistrano)
 Famous painting - Every year there is a ceremony where people can bring their animals to be blessed.  Animals are important too.
 Olvera Street
Los Angeles Post Office

Right across the way from the pueblo was a very famous restaurant, Phillippe.  It is home of the french dip sandwich.  It is one of the oldest and best known restaurants in Southern California.  It has been in business since 1908.  It was delicious!  I got a turkey sandwich and we split a piece of blueberry pie.  I got a glass of iced tea for 75 cents, I loved that.  I can't wait to try this place again.
After lunch we decided to make one more stop.  We drove up the hills to see the Griffith Observatory which is in Griffith Park.  We parked towards the bottom of the hill and took a beautiful walk to the observatory.  I didn't know how well we would be able to see the Hollywood sign.  It was so cool.  We also got to see a beautiful view of Los Angeles.
 Griffith Observatory in the distance
 We made it!
 Beautiful Los Angeles
 Close to the Hollywood sign

On our way back home we made two quick stops.  The first stop was to see a Banksy's Foreclosure art.  Too bad there was a gate put up and we couldn't really see it.  There was a small crack and I got to see it.  I really wanted to take a picture.  Here is a picture of it I found from the internet.  DH and I are really into street art!
Our last stop...the famous Watts Towers.  I never knew how pretty they were.  I always thought they were tall, brown water towers in a dangerous city.  I had no idea they were a historical landmark created by an Italian immigrant in the early 1900's.  He built them by hand with little equipment.  He decorated them with tiles, shells, sea glass, and other materials.  It's too bad the surrounding neighborhood is so dangerous and isn't well taken care of.  I would love to spend more time here.  This is a true gem.

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