Saturday, November 5, 2011

AD #1 - San Juan Crappytraino

We have decided to try and doing something fun every weekend.  We are calling them "our adventure days" (creative, I know).  I'm going to call them AD in the title.  
We took the train to San Juan Capistrano to tour the mission and have lunch.  We went with my friend from school, her husband, and her daughter.  We had a great time on the train, at the mission, and at lunch.  I love California history!  We walked around the city and looked in different shops after lunch.  We were back at the train station, ready to go home, when they told us the train was canceled.  The next train wasn't for three hours later!  We could have waited the three hours but we couldn't leave the pups that long alone (yes, we're crazy about our pups).  Well, after 45 minutes of all three of us calling different cab companies, shuttle services, and rental car places..we finally got a cab.  We were going to take it to the nearest airport and rent a car.  Well, my friend's husband made a deal with the cab driver and he drove us all the way back to Union Station in Los Angeles.  It was quite the adventure.  My friend's daughter has now named the city "San Juan Crappytraino".  I still laugh just thinking about it!

The most special part of the day?  We bought a candle and lit it for our LO.  I kissed the candle and we left it in the church there.  Such a wonderful moment for us.  I love the church at this mission and love knowing our candle will be burning there for a few days in honor of the baby we miss so very much.


Katharine said...

I like that you lit the candle for your LO. I'm always looking for small things to remember my babies. I think it really helps. (((hugs)))

Rose said...

It was a really special moment for us. Thanks for commenting! :] **Hugs right back to you**

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