Saturday, June 2, 2012

Half Baked!

I can't believe I'm actually half baked today!  I told myself I would start doing weekly check ins if everything went okay with my anatomy scan, so today I'm going to start.  It was a bit of a rocky week for me.  I feel very vulnerable as we began sharing with more people.  I had my MIL's birthday party last night with about 100 people.  I wore a dress that pretty much revealed my bump, but couldn't get myself to tell anyone.  Some people knew already and a couple people asked about it, but that was about it.  Tonight we have a wedding and I'm wearing a much more covered up outfit so I don't have to worry about getting questioned or feeling pushed to tell anyone.  I wish there would be a day that I wouldn't have any symptoms to worry about (abdominal aches especially) and felt comfortable to tell the world, but I know that might never happen.  So, I'm taking baby steps and telling a little bit at a time.

Not only am I 20 weeks today, but 10 years ago today Alex and I became official.  I love how special this day turned out to be.  <3<3<3

Check In:

How far along are you?  20 weeks

Fruit of the week?  Banana

How are you feeling this week?  A few weeks ago the morning sickness really started letting up and only plagued me in the evenings.  Well, the last  week it has decided to come back during the day as well.  I don't mind though, as long as baby is healthy.  I'm still have cramps/aches in my abdomen that always make me nervous.  

Favorite moment this week?  Finding out that he is all healthy and seeing him move!

Any new developments?  Nothing really knew this week.  I do think what I've been feeling the last few weeks are baby.  It's definitely off and on, and there are some days he's more active than others, but I'm pretty sure that's baby I'm feeling.  I usually feel some movement in the morning, around lunch, and a little in the evening.  I've also started rethinking Quinn!  I am also throwing around Anze, Caleb, and Xander.  I guess I have lots of time to decide.
Wedding/Half Baked/10 year Anniversary Edition Photo Shoot!

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