Monday, June 18, 2012

*21 & 22 Week Updates*

I may just do an update every 2-3 weeks.  I feel like when I'm having a bad week I don't want to update, but know I should.  The last two weeks have been a little rough for me.  I have had cramping this whole pregnancy, but two weeks ago it got a little stronger.  It's in the middle of my lower abdomen and sometimes I feel a stitch in the right or left side.  I know that RLP can cause the side pain, but the abdominal pain in the center is not caused by that.  I saw my doctor and he said everything was normal.  I started to have some brown spotting one day last week and totally freaked.  I had an appointment to see my new doctor in a couple weeks, so I called his office and they got me in the next morning.  After doing a full check,sending me to an ultrasound, urine analysis, and blood work everything came back normal.  Even though it all came back normal, in the back of my mind I feel like they may have missed something.  What is causing this constant pain that never really lets up?  It scares me and I wish it would go away or just know it was something normal.  But there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm looking forward to the school year ending and resting up over
Check In:

How far along are you?  21 & 22 weeks

Fruit of the week?  Pomegranate & Papaya

How are you feeling this week?  The nausea has gotten much better and I only feel it occasionally in the evenings.  I really feel like my bump has popped and I loved that.  The abdominal pains are still constant and I hope they go away.

Favorite moment this week?  I felt LO kick from the outside during week 21.  I was eating ranch doritos with salsa and he was going crazy!  Alex got to feel baby kick from the outside over the weekend.  It was so neat for him and he got to feel lots of kicks.  Baby was having a party that morning.  

Another great moment was seeing my grandma for the first time since January.  She kept rubbing my belly and telling me how happy she was.  My nephew also acknowledged his cousin this week!  He hugged my belly and was wondering why he couldn't hear his cousin.  I said he couldn't hear him, but he will be able to feel him.  He asked if he could feel him right now, but baby wasn't moving at that moment.  I told him one day he will be able to feel him.  So cute!

We also had another ultrasound and I got to see LO on the screen a couple times.  He wouldn't hold still and wasn't cooperating.  It was nice to see him again though, even though I was very nervous.  I really enjoy feeling him move.  

Any new developments?  Just feeling more movement over the past couple weeks.
 21 weeks - Stanley cup playoff game edition
22 weeks with C&T
 C&T laying with mommy and baby
 Enjoying the Kings victory!  Stanley Cup champions!
 First piece of clothing I bought for LO (big step for me).  He was at the game and definitely moving around in there, so I thought this was perfect for him!
 Alex's first Father's Day
Baby meeting Grandpa on Father's Day
Our rose tree lost of the roses, but now new buds are coming in.  This is the first one to bloom!

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