Sunday, June 24, 2012

*23 Week Update*

Check In:

How far along are you? 23 weeks

Fruit of the week? Grapefruit

How are you feeling this week? I'm feeling about the same this week.  I had a very busy week packing up my classroom and ending the school year.  It is nice to have some time off.  Still having some aches in my abdomen and started to feel them closer to the middle and upper part of my stomach.  Hope it's all normal growing pains.

Favorite moment this week?  Baby was very active this week.  My students have music twice a week.  On Wednesday, they were singing really loud with the teacher (who was playing her guitar).  LO started moving around and I started to laugh.  I guess he was enjoying himself as well.  Alex got to feel him a lot yesterday and we got to see some more outside kicks.  I also got to meet a dear friend from TB!

Any new developments?  Baby seems to be moving more.  I'm so in love with him I can hardly stand it.  I have also started buying a couple things for him and started putting together my registry.  My mom booked a place for my shower in August.  Though these things give me anxiety, I remind myself to take it day by day and whatever happens is beyond my control.

Captain taking over my snoogle!!  He loves it.  Alex found him in our room yesterday laying on it. 
 23 weeks
Got to meet a friend from TB yesterday.  We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim with Alex and her husband.  We had a wonderful time!  It was so nice to meet her.

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