Tuesday, July 10, 2012

*24 & 25 Week Updates*

I really don't have an excuse for doing the weekly updates, since I'm out of school and not doing all that much.  I guess on the days that I worry, I really don't feel like updating or don't even think about it.  Over the last couple weeks, little man has been on the move.  I've had a couple days of slow movement and those have put my in a complete panic.  This is totally new territory for me, so I don't know what is normal or not.  I think this worrying thing will never end, but it will all be worth it.  I love this guy so very much.

I came out last week to my close friends and family.  I felt sending out an email was the best way for me to do it.  I also told them about the miscarriage.  I got such wonderful feedback about both the pregnancy and miscarriage.  I'm glad Rose is no longer a secret to them.  She deserves to be acknowledged and I know she's smiling down on me, proud that I could finally share her with others.

Check In:

How far along are you? 24 & 25 Weeks

Fruit of the week? Cantaloupe (I'm assuming a small one) and Cauliflower

How are you feeling this week?  I've been feeling pretty good the last two weeks.  The lower abdominal pain has gotten better.  I do feel like quite a lot of sharp pains up my sides.  I've also been dealing with some rib pain (I think that's where it is) on my right side.  I'm very tired and enjoying getting all the sleep I can.  However, I'm having a hard time sleeping at night.  I guess that has kinda been this whole pregnancy.  So it's nice to get to catch up on some sleep during the day.

Favorite moment this week?  My favorite moments over the last two weeks are probably sharing the news with friends and family and feeling so much movement.  My nephew also hugged my belly last week and gave baby a kiss.  He was trying again to listen to him.  I thought that was so cute.

Any new developments?  Baby is definitely moving a lot more.  I had an appointment last week and all seems good.  We are also going to be going to do our registry this week and I'll be finishing it online by the end of the week.  Shower invites will be going out next week.  We got the front room all cleaned out, Alex patched all the holes, and we got the room painted.  I can't believe how everything is coming together.  It's all very exciting.

The most important thing that happened during week 24 was I reached V-day, otherwise known as viability day.  That means that if baby came early, they would work on him and try to save him.  I know the chances are slim of survival before 28 weeks, but I do have some comfort knowing that he would have a chance.

 24 Weeks - Foster the People and V-day Edition
Foster the People show - They were amazing!!
Puppies trying to steal my snoogle!
 25 Weeks
 Love seeing my rose bush bloom!  Our tree out front is doing great too!  I feel like Rose is telling me everything is going to be okay when I see a new rose bloom. :]

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