Thursday, February 23, 2012

Houston, we have a heartbeat!

*Date: 2/23/12
Well, my follow up appointment went well.  I went in expecting the worse and was in tears as I was sitting there waiting for the doctor.  He did the ultrasound right away and the second he said I have something to show you, I was so overwhelmed with happiness.  He showed me the screen and I saw my LO and it's beautiful heartbeat.  I had no idea you could see a heartbeat this early.  My whole world stopped.  The doctor gave me a small lecture after.  He told me that I need to start relaxing and let him worry about me.  This is my first time with this doctor and I'm so glad he's so caring.  He's going to see me again in two weeks to help calm my nerves and to check on the baby.  He can't predict the future and I know that I'll never fully be in the clear..but today I'm pregnant and I love my baby!  This is the badge I made for my siggy.  :]

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