Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AD #9 - Washington DC Trip

This wasn't really an adventure day, more like an adventure week.  I spent a week visiting my sister and two nephews.  I went on this trip with my mom.  We had a lovely time and it was so nice to spend so much time with my nephews.  I hadn't seen them in four months!  I spent a week away from my husband (haven't spent that much time away from him in nine years).  I missed him and my pups very much!

Here is a collection of pictures from our many adventures on this trip.  I got to have six very fun adventure days with my family.  I love that we went out and did something every day. :]
 We took a couple stops at the local yogurt place.  Yum!
 Walking along Sligo Creek by my sister's house in Maryland
Sligo Creek
Driving to Virginia to go to Mt. Vernon
George Washington's House at Mt. Vernon
 Lunch at the Inn at Mt. Vernon
 George & Martha Washington's Tomb
Beautiful view at Mt. Vernon
 Visiting the train exhibit at Union Station
 Washington Monument
 Capital Building
 Botanical Gardens in DC
 State Capital replica
 My delicious brie sandwich in Takoma Park
 Downtown Takoma Park (where my sister lives)
 I saw this every time we walked to the metro.  Boo is my husband's nickname and Bean is our LO's nickname. <3
 Woodley Park Zoo 
Beautiful homes in downtown DC

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