Sunday, May 20, 2012

...A Very Sweet Potato...

Well, it's been a very long time since I've updated.  Every week I plan on doing it and I put it off.  I feel like the more I talk about this LO, write about it, or even think about it, I will jinx it.  I know how silly that sounds, but this is my reality.  I'm terrified of getting attached to this baby and then losing it.  I keep saying that after each appointment I have, I will let go of some of this fear and actually enjoy this pregnancy.  I really hope after my anatomy scan in a week I will finally be able to do this.  I have so much to update though, I didn't want to put it off any longer.  I read that the baby can now start to hear.  That made me realize I need to talk to LO.  Each night I say a little something.  For now, that's a good start for me.

Today I'm 18w1d.  Baby is the size of a sweet potato.  I'm hoping to start doing a weekly update if I make it to week 20!  This last week I've been pretty crampy every day, which always makes me incredibly nervous.  Over the last few weeks I think I may have felt some flutters and maybe a couple kicks.  I'm still not sure if it's gas bubbles or baby.  Hoping those kicks will get stronger and then I'll know for sure.

I'm still trying to take this day by day and all I can do is to continue to pray every day that this baby will make it!  Here are some bump pics from 8w-18w.
 8 weeks
 12 weeks - Easter edition
 15 weeks
16 weeks - Colplay concert and puppies edition!
Coldplay Concert

Kings Playoff Round 2 vs St. Louis for the sweep!!
 16 weeks - Kings playoff edition
17 weeks
 18 weeks - Noah's Ark exhibit edition

Here is a picture of the happy roll I ate after our 17 week appointment (because we were so happy!).  Baby looked good and doctor even did a gender guess.  Doctor guessed baby was a girl.  He didn't seem too sure and baby had its legs crossed, so I don't think he got a good look.  My gut feeling is baby is a BOY, so I'm still going with that. :]  I will be ecstatic either way, just want LO to be healthy.

We also told DH's family after that appointment.  The only people who knew before that were my immediate family and my boss.  We told Alex's brother and sister in law first.  We went over there and just told them, then showed them the picture.  The nephews were really excited as well.  Then we went over to Alex's mom house and had to wait for his other sister to get home.  We were stalling and just hoping they didn't think it was weird we just popped by.  Once his other sister got there, Alex said he had a late mother's day gift for his mom.  It was a picture of the baby in a cute frame.  Once his mom opened it, she said she knew it and began to cry.  Hugs were given all around.  It was a wonderful moment.  His sisters were very excited as well.  We told all his family about the miscarriage.  I felt they needed to know.  I don't want to damper the excitement about this LO, but also don't want my other sweet baby to be forgotten. <3  We will probably tell others if the anatomy scan goes well.
Here's a picture of LO at our NT scan at 12 weeks.  This is the best picture we have.  All the other ones were done at my doctor's office and aren't very clear.  
I have bought one thing for the baby.  I couldn't help it when I saw this book on Amazon.  I haven't read it yet, but will hopefully be reading it soon.

To my little sweet potato..Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  Keep growing in there!

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