Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I hate Tuesdays...
Tuesday use to be the day I would wait anxiously for my emails to arrive.  The ones that told me all about the baby -- what fruit it compared to, how it was growing, and how my body was changing.  Tuesday was the day I knew I was another week further along in my pregnancy.

Well that is no more.  I have unsubscribed to the emails and they have stopped coming.  But how I do unsubscribe my brain from registering Tuesday as the next week in my pregnancy?  That I'm one step closer to holding my baby in my arms?

That will be a lot harder then just the click of the button.  Today I would have been 12 weeks.  The week I was so anxiously waiting to get to.  Now it's just another day that has gone and passed.  Maybe another day closer to feeling whole again?  I hope so.

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